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Coffs Harbour Camera Classes With Toni Fuller's Photography School

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Posted on July 30, 2013 at 2:30 AM Comments comments ()



WELL I have had a well earned break over the Winter months and have recharged for the next round of classes in 2013.

Just because I have not been running classes does not mean that I have not been shooting and I have some lovely new work to keep me busy for a few weeks. 

I thank all the newbies for their enquiries and remember I have not been ignoring you - I have been on holidays and working away for a period of weeks and ben unable to access my web site to update class times.

 There are a few new classes this season as I try and keep up with demand ( you all do keep me thinking!) and make things accessible to the many kinds of people that end up at my Photography School web site.

Also breaking news is that I will be giving a Master Class at A Queensland Art College in September this year. Details are still being finalised but when they are I will list them here as well. If you wish to attend, email me at [email protected] so I can keep you in the know.

Back to the classes. On Sunday, August 11th, I will be holding a ONE DAY CLASS for those interested in a quick learning, or even re-learning experience. This class is aimed at teaching you are few basic skills and giving you a general knowledge of the different settings on your camera. A tripod is not necessary and a DSLR is the preferred camera. It does not matter whether you are driving a Canon DSRL, Nikon DSLR, Olympus DSLR, Sony DSLR, or what model it is , it just matters that you have one. Only one lens is required but as many of you have 'a kit' you would be silly not to bring both lenses.

THE above image was taken at a weekend, day class last year in Maclean, during the Yamba weekend course.

The next class that is new is a four week NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS on the Coffs Coast. Starting on September 23rd, this class will be held over a four week period and I will expect you to do some home work to show me that you are understanding the principles of long exposures. Featuring low light, long exposures and interesting landscapes in both the latural and ruban landscapes this class is always popular. 

Toni, Thank you

Posted on June 10, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments ()

I recently completed a Beginners Course over four weeks with Toni.

I must confess that when I joined up I did not think that I was a beginner and knew more than I actually did.

Thanks to Toni I have now sorted a few problems and mistakes I was making to get more satisfaction from my work due to  imparting of her vast knowledge of photography to our group.

I am inspired to keep on the path of learning and making photos to share.

Thank you again Toni and enjoy your well earned holiday. Keep snapping. :):)

Accreditations that Count

Posted on April 22, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments ()

Are you interested in a career in Photography and would like to partake in some serious training?  

By participating in a series of classes and undertaking extra work, assignments and arts studies you can now do this with Toni Fuller's Photography School.  We are offering ongoing training for those interested in the theory of photography as well as the creative side. As "study" implies you will be expected to do a certain amount of hours on your assignments per block, as well as sit exams. You will be marked accordingly per assignment and per exam and either pass or fail different topics.

Find out more by emailing us your interest.  [email protected]

We are starting on the 7th MAY at 9.30am.

Position Position Position!

Posted on March 18, 2013 at 1:05 AM Comments comments ()

Taking what we do seriously, but not quite expecting this, my class got quite a shock when I walked into the water and then sat down to get the angle I was after.  They decided it was ' typical of me' and that perhaps they should give it a go as well.  So within ten minutes we were all shooting lovely landscape images from five centermeters above the water. Using your left hand as a guide you just need to position it so that it drops 'down' away from the camera. When you feel water on your little finger you know you are just inches above the water.

I might just add that this is a fresh water lake on a very still day. There was no wind or ripples, except for the ones we created when we wanted them. The wonderful images of me shooting are taken by Michael Schultz who's landscape photography is phenominal. Michael takes all the information and technique I give him to try on board, and will try them in various forms untill he understands exactly what they will acheive. You have to love someone with that much dedication. 

 The images of the landscapes are examples of what I was shooting.  Note the focus line and angle of the water. Only by shooting along it can you get such effects.

 If you are interested in Learning Photography, please comment, sign in and like us on face book.  Become  a member, call us or email us!!  This is what we do and we love it ! We have interesting things happening all year and soon will launch our 'one day mystery tours'.  Sound like fun?  up for a challenge? contact us and let us know you are interested, it could be the case that the first one doesn't even make it to the 'advertising stage' as I think it may book out before that.

Have fun shooting - Toni Fuller master Photographer

Wooli Escape weekend

Posted on March 18, 2013 at 12:25 AM Comments comments ()

Well we are just back from our great Wooli Landscape Weekend with Toni Fuller Master Photographer.  The weather held and gave us a clear night that we could utalize to shoot star trails and night sky's as well as low light landscapes into the 'magic hour'. The thrill and rush when you get one of these images to work is wonderful.

With early morning starts from sunrise to way beyond night fall we ended up putting as much into our Saturday as we could. The only problem was that we forgot the wine to drink as we were waiting for our 30 mintute exposures to finish.  

This weekend Toni's visual exercise was to shoot minumum depth of field and 'push your lens' to show as much effect as possible. Just to make things harder we had to also focus through an image and show the effects that gave.

You may nitice the out of focus flower on the left hand of the image, with the correct focus on just one flower towards the right of the frame. This is selective depth of field, using the technique of selective focus to add impact. These little flowers love the mid day sun and open fully when the sun gets high, closing when it gets lower. Because of that they depicted the time we would be able to make the most creative us of them and we would ordinarily be having a well earned break, we were still shooting.


Posted on March 3, 2013 at 9:30 PM Comments comments ()

Honestly, give a kid a camera and you'll be amazed what they can achieve with a bit of tuition and training.

During our shutter speed class, Mai shot this frozen movement image and even shocked herself when she saw the results. By shooting at extremely high shutter speeds you are 'freezing' things that happen to quickly for your eye to see, therefore they are interesting to look at.

This image was taken hand held and by manually focusing. Well done Mai!  

I am also so impressed with your depth of field image where you have chosen to focus midway into the image subject. This has given a ' blur effect', both in the foreground and background of the image. This kind of selective focusing draws the viewer into the image.

Taking Mai's camera with a good sized zoom lens attached I took some images of a few Golden Orb spiders that live in my garden. The main element I went for was depth of field to highlight the spiders. take a look and you will see more than one per image. Because of the shallow DOF the spider is the centre of attention.

Thanks Mai for letting me test your equipment. 

The First Teens class image by Ari

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 11:45 PM Comments comments ()

I know we are all having fun, and I am amazed at how much you guys are taking in. Oh to be young and free and retain information like a sponge!

Next week will be our last in this mini course and we will be attempting to take some interesting landscapes, if the weather is permitting.  When you are doing your assignment this week , this of something a bit quirky to do and take your time. the results will speak for themselves.

Rushing your photography will never result in a quality image. Work out your subject, look for your favourite lighting situation, work out your preferd exposure and then try to capture what you envisage in your mind. It's digital do you can shoot and shoot and shoot, not like the old days when we shot film and had to wait to process it before we knew if we were successful with our shot or not.

I'm hoping you will all upload a few shot sfor me to blog on and make this a learning forum for you. Until next week, my wonderful Teens, shoot till your hearst content!


Ari's first published work

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 11:35 PM Comments comments ()

The Teens class is fun and exciting with loads of different topics to shoot each week. In our first week Ari shot some fun art images using a variety of different techniques. The whole class shot them but Ari is the obe to send to send them to me , so Congratz Ari, you get the 'published images this week.

Get ready for your class

Posted on February 13, 2013 at 9:10 PM Comments comments ()

OK so we are about to start classes.

This info is for all classes, unless there is a specific need for certain equipment in a particular class and then that info will apply for that class.

Creative Teens 

Beginners Photography 

Because all classes are interactive and you never know where we could end up please wear sensible shoes, no high heels please. You will all need a note book and pen.

YOUR CAMERA MANUAL, don't leave home without it.

Make sure you have charged your camera batteries and have either a new or formatted memory card.  Don't know how to format?  that's OK we will do it on the night, but make sure you have copied all your files to a hard drive somewhere, for after we format, your work will be gone.

 Bring all your gear, including tripod and cable release ( if you have one). When you arrive, walk straight down the driveway, follow the path towards the back fence and once you are past the avocado tree you will see the studio on the right. Go inside and wait for everyone to arrive.

Giving you these details is always a great way for me to find out early WHO reads the info I send out and who doesn't.  

For my Creative Teens :: Can you please bring some images along to look at where you are up to with your photography. I don't mean a computer either, I mean printed images.  Looking through computers takes us to long and we want to cover as much as we can. You can upload a few images to this blog if you like and that way it will become interactive for everyone. WE will use this blog to show images and talk about were you are up to after class is over for the night.

For my Beginners :: We have a great class guys, filled with good people and a few characters that should keep us well entertained. Please bring a small torch if you have one. If not wait till class as I am selling Painting With Light kits and you may wish to purchase one of those. These kits will come in handy when the PWL class starts in May.

PHOTOSHOP CLASSES. You guys require a computer that you can bring to class, power cables as well ( just in case).  You must have photoshop on your computer, note book and pen. Please make sure that your photoshop / Elements/ Cs opens before you come to class!

2013 Classes starting soon

Posted on February 6, 2013 at 12:55 AM Comments comments ()

With an array of great classes starting soon you are sure to find one that is good for you.

This season all classes are evening classes.

I'm excited to announce our CREATIVE TEENS CLASSES starting on FEB 18th 2013.

 These self expression classes, plus camera techniques will help set up a good understanding of photography for life and will be loads of fun.

I'd had a ball taking interesting images over the Australia Day weekend storms and was working in extreemly difficult condtions. But, I managed to get some greast images. here is a  few for you to look at.

This wave was reaching the top of the jetty, on a beach that is usually flat and safe for children because of the lack of waves. So as surf goes in this area, these waves are huge.