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Camera free day ... well, possibly.

Posted on July 31, 2013 at 2:25 AM

My husband Joel Wait is a refrigeration mechanic and on a rainy day not long ago he was called up to a break down in Dorrigo.

Being that it was my day off I decided to go up with him and wander around Dorrigo and have a camera free day out. Those are rare for me.

The problem was I did take my iphone and my ipad ( to do some reading) and couldn't help myself when I saw a few good things to shoot.  In fact we had to turn in to shoot the landscape scene but what a great image. It was well worth the stop.  After that I decided to shoot from the moving car to see what I could capture to inspire me. By the time we hit the highway again I was texting a select group of regular students and giving them the ' call' to head out with me the next day and do it again.

Unfortunatley the followng day was sunny and bright and no good for my treck. Lucky I did take my ipad to shoot with !

Composing a scene in a moving car takes a bit of practice and using an Ipad instead of my trusty Canon DSLR felt strange, especially the no real focus thing and the size of the image I was looking at. I could only do this in 20 second blasts as the effect of the car travel, rain, movement on the ipad I was getting car sick at a rapid rate. You can find out more and explore this kind of photography whern you join one of my weekly photographic classes.

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