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2022 Art Photography Series.

Let's get Arty!

This year I am hosting a series of six Art Photography sessions, held once a month on weekends and for 4 to 5 hrs per session.

We will be taking a break in the middle of the session to take notes, eat and regenerate. - I'll also be taking a break at this time.

In some classes, we will move to different locations during this break.

You can choose to do as many sessions as you wish. Booking requires payment, and places are not 'kept' for you.

Each session is $150 and will be held in Coffs Harbour, the first Sunday of the month. Our first session is on February 6th at 2 pm.

The location will be weather dependant.

If you are on Instagram, please follow @tonesphotographyau.

I am receiving messages from various platforms and am finding it hard to keep track of notes.

Each months topic stands alone, so it's OK if you don't do all six.

To book your place, please email me - [email protected], and I will send you a PayPal request for payment or payment into my bank account ( prefered). OR pay here.

As this is a series and I often work with people who travel to the area for workshops, if you have a group and would like to do all four sessions over a weekend, I may be able to organise that for you. The minimum requirement is six people.

Also please note, that this series is not a beginners course in-camera techniques, so please book private tuition beforehand if you require a freshen up with your camera knowledge.

So let's talk Art!

Session one. We will be dabbling in multiple exposures and altered realities. All work done in-camera.

The final result should be a fresh, original art piece that no one can copy!

Required equipment - Basic camera gear. No tripod or flash. Handheld.

Session Two - Recreating Blur

Session Three - Minimalism - At the Coffs Harbour Botanical Gardens.

The aim is to capture minimalistic images that evoke an emotional response like peace, calm, anger etc. The choice of colour will directly reflect the emotion.

Handheld and long exposures will help create movement.

Session Four - Filtered Abstract

Session 5 and 6 to be announced.

Session Seven - Free for those that have done all six sessions.

Mystery tour - Find Me!

I will give you all a series of images I have taken around a particular area, and your task will be to find them and reproduce the same thing.

This mystery tour is a fun and frustrating photographic game to get your eye in and start seeing creatively.

Do you have basic camera skills so that you can work the settings on your camera?

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